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17 Craft Room and Storage Ideas to Accommodate Creative Projects

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All creative souls want special rooms at home to hone their crafts. There are many ways to decorate such rooms to reflect your passion. Create your creative dream spot with these craft room and storage ideas.

1.     Consider Modular Shelving Unit

A modular shelving unit allows flexibility to store your art and craft supplies. You can decide the amounts of shelving boards and boxes to use.

2.     Beautify Your Peg Board

Create a striking and attractive pegboard by adding some glitz. Use different bright colors to beautify the board and create a visual aid for the organization.

3.     Add A Special Project Wardrobe

Don’t mix your projects with art supplies. Place half-finished or finished projects in a special wardrobe.

4.     Install Special Craft Table

A special craft table should have a spacious surface and multiple storage spaces. If you cannot find it, follow DIY steps to create a table that accommodates your needs.

5.     Install Craft Room Furniture

Choose furniture items that support the details of your crafting works. Wall shelves, large cabinets with drawers, pegboards, and organizing boxes are the must-have items.

6.     Utilize the Unused Space

Use the awkward or unused spaces and gaps available to increase the storage capacity. For example, place a low floor cabinet between two crafting tables.

7.     Use Magazine Holders for Paper

Magazine holders are ideal storage spaces for craft paper. You can organize the sheets based on their sizes and colors.

8.     Install Rubber Stamp Display Shelves

Showcase your unique rubber stamps in special display shelves. Arrange them neatly to create a unique decorative arrangement.

9.     Save Space with Built-in Shelves

Built-in shelves utilize narrow spaces in a better way. You can install them in a narrow corner or tiny crafting room.

10.Add Access Ladder

Access ladder gives you more storage space in a small crafting room. Install a vertical storage unit as high as possible and use the ladder to access the top part.

11.Create Colorful Display

Boast your creative side by adding a lot of bright colors. They can serve as visual organizers or simply decorative statements.

12.Install Paint Chip Wall

A paint chip wall not only gives you color options and inspiration. The combination of many colors offers unique decorative elements.

13.Create a Sewing Station

Build a sewing sanctuary by installing a sewing table on the corner. Surround it with wall supply shelves and string racks. Place a floating shelf for additional storage boxes.

14.Unleash the Label Maker

A label maker is your best friend for organizing craft supplies. Collect supplies based on the craft types in separate boxes and use the label maker to describe the craft they will be used for.

15.Install a Cube Organizer

A practical cube organizer helps to store your stuff in a more accessible way. Choose a modular model if you are unsure about the layout of the room.

16.Hang the Scissor Collection

Have trouble tracking all your scissors? Use small metal hooks to hang your scissors from a horizontal bar.

17.Organize Paint Tubes with Binder Clips

Binder clips and thumbtacks can be used to organize paint tubes. Arrange the thumbtacks behind a cabinet door and hang the paint tubes using the binder clips.

An ideal craft room and storage ideas must be as creative as your works. Use these ideas to maximize the craft room regardless of its size.

Udy Tyas Just Dreamer and Blogger

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